Vote: Board elections: Board Member

This is a vote taking place on the 15th Council meeting of the European Pirate Party
Point on the agenda: 5b)

Please vote by posting a message below containing your vote (name of candidate(s)/abstain) and indicating which Member you represent, and how many votes you carry.

Overview and presentation of candidates for the Board - Council Meetings / 15th Council Meeting - European Pirate Party (

We have 7 remaining candidates for ordinary board member. You can vote for any or all of them. The five candidates with the most votes will be elected, provided that they get at least 50% of the votes.

Florian Roussel
Giuseppe Calandra
Jan Mareš
Petra Kovačec
Sara Hjalmarsson
Sebastian Krone
Tim Leidig

Pirati - 1 vote - Florian, Giuseppe, Jan, Petra, Sara

PPSE - 1 vote - Jan Mares, Sara Hjalmarsson, Petra Kovacec, Florian Roussel, Giuseppe Calandra

MEPs delegation:
2 votes to Florian
2 votes to Giuseppe
2 votes to Jan
2 votes to Petra
2 votes to Sara


PPSK 1 vote- Jan Mareš, Petra Kovačec, Sara Hjalmarsson, Sebastian Krone, Tim Leidig

PP-CAT votes Petra, Jan, Sara, Guiseppe, Sebastian, Florian - 1 Vote

2 votes to Florian
2 votes to Giuseppe
2 votes to Petra
2 votes to Sara
2 votes to Tim

1 vote to Florian
1 vote to Giuseppe
1 vote to Petra
1 vote to Sara
1 vote to Tim
1 vote to Jan

PPCZ (5 votes):

Florian Roussel - 5 votes
Giuseppe Calandra - 5 votes
Jan Mareš - 5 votes
Petra Kovačec - 5 votes
Sara Hjalmarsson - 5 votes
Sebastian Krone - 2 votes
Tim Leidig - 0 votes

PPDE - 2 Votes - each two yes for
Petra Kovačec
Jan Mareš
Florian Roussel
Sebastian Krone

PPNL 1 vote Sara Petra Florian guiseppe

PPLU delegate Carole gives the following votes:

2 votes: Florian Roussel
2 votes: Giuseppe Calandra
2 votes: Petra Kovacec
2 votes: Sara Hjalmarsson