Candidacy: Giuseppe Calandra

Name: Giuseppe Calandra
Nominated for: Board member


I guess I should introduce myself but I’m not that good at selling myself. A lot of you met me already.

I first appeared on the pirate scene in 2009. After a few years I was involved in the liquid democracy revolution of pp-it. I learned a lot about democracy and voting systems while doing that. I was even invited to speak about liquidfeedback and how we used it. The slides are still on my GitHub profile.

After that I was among the many extremely dedicated volunteers that brought pp-it to its first European election.

I founded with a few old pirates shortly after.

And I’m currently a trainee within Greens/EFA.

I’ve been here for a long time and I’ve seen a lot of stuff. I am not worried about policy, because I know I can trust you all and I have learnt to delegate.

I want to focus on humans and the organisation’s long term sustainability. My main priority will be making sure our people won’t burn out, and, if possible, to increase outreach over maintenance.