Candidacy: Petra Kovačec

Name: Petra Kovačec
Nominated for: Board member (pending confirmation)


Hello everyone! My name is Petra Kovačec and I was born on February 18, 1987 in Maribor, where I luckily don’t live anymore.

I pursued my higher education at the Faculty of Social Work in Ljubljana. During my studies, I collaborated with numerous organizations, focusing on people’s physical development issues,
addiction, and primarily mental health problems, which was my chosen field of study.

I am currently employed as a senior advisor at the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Slivebia, where my tasks include assistance in drafting regulations and other complex documents; collection, organization, and preparation of data for the formulation of intricate materials and independent preparation of advanced materials with proposed measures.

I have informally followed political events for a while, but I formally and actively engaged in
political activities two years ago, when I became a member of the Pirate Party of Slovenia, where I was elected Vice-chairwoman for a brief period.
Within the Pirate Party, I found opportunities for full involvement in our local and international activities and a chance to pursue my own interests in the field of social policy. Within my work with the party, I have been active internationally, gaining insights into the functioning of EU institutions and individual groups within the EU Parliament. I was elected Board member of PPEU last year and would love to reamin internationally engaged within the same role. I strongly support Florians’ many goals and causes :smile:

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