Candidacy: Sebastian Krone

Name: Sebastian Krone
Nominated for: Board member



I can imagine that you want to ask me. :wink:

Personal background

Generation 60+ - Potsdam, Germany

Active as an IT specialist, consultant, accountant, data protection officer, data security officer and „white head hacker“.

Grandpa, married, 3 adult sons (with a strong history of law and mathematics), 3 Grandchildren

Head of technical teams PPI, PPEU and AG Technik (DS)

Member of the Pirate Party, Germany, since May 2009
Member of the Pirate Party, Swiss, since May 2018
Member of the Pirate Party, Austria, since May 2019

Political work with the PIRATES international movement

Coordinator of “International Coordination Team PP-DE”
Organizer of numerous events and party congresses
Chair of more than 500 meetings
Chairman of the Pirates Potsdam
Treasurer PPI
President Pirates without Borders
Chairman Denk Selbst e.V.
Vice Chairmen of Peira e.V.
Editor-in-Chief “Pirate Times”

I accept the nomination.