Candidacy: Florian Roussel

Name: Florian Roussel
Nominated for: Vice Chair
Nominated for: Board member


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I’m accepting all nominations and thank the member organization which nominated me for their trust. I’ll draft a presentation and submit it as soon as possible for both positions.

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Here are a few things in support of my candidacy and about me :

About me

Sadly not born in Tuscany but France, can’t complain.
Engineer with an interest in economics.
Joined PPFR in late summer 2021, swiftly got into Treasury and Secretariat/Board work and the international stuff, lots of you have seen me around and interacted further.
Not as active on the Economics front than I’d like to be, but quite active with YPE related things lately.

Previous term recap and my candidacy


I worked a lot on budget, administrative and banking stuff.
Learned a lot from PPLU people about managing the org on the administrative front, noticed an old banking account was still open and forwarded the information. Spent quite a bit of time trying to reconcile PPEU expenses, invoices (which are hard to get a hold of) and contracts, with mitigated success as a lot of dark areas still subsist due to our failure to assess our internal systems architecture.

The working groups made it clear that there’s an interest in PPEU and I personally loved to meet and interact with so many passionate and talented pirates (the previous board was a great one in that sense as well). But, PPEU isn’t able to deliver to the standards I would or most of us would like it to.

Consequently, I’ll develop the path forward I’d like to walk on in the next term, if elected and in any position.


I’m likely to have a lot of time to give to PPEU in the coming months, as I’ll be working with mab at least until the end of July. I’d then have a lot of time to work on helping PPEU fulfill its purpose and steer it towards its big end goal.

The PPEU Dream

In a nutshell, get enough political representation in the parliament to obtain european funding, enabling the goal stated in the statutes :

  • a) Facilitating coordination and cooperation between its members.

  • b) Assisting its members to promote the Pirate movement in Europe.

  • c) Taking as its principles the Pirate manifesto, as will be annexed to the statutes.

  • d) Functioning as a link between European Pirate Parties and Pirate MEPs.

  • e) Encouraging and support its members in organizing events focused on European topics.

We can then underline two essential missions PPEU should fulfill : coordination and support going both ways from and towards member parties as well as MEPs. There’s a lot of knowledge and skills to be enabled by PPEU fostering cooperation. Making it happen requires a minimum set of means including pirates.

How to make it happen

Two basic things : trust and relevance. This can be understood at different levels and is fundamental in order to be entrusted with the financial means and personal implication of pirates needed to achieve PPEU’s purposes.

At the organisational level, ensure the management and functionning quality as well as the relevance and convenience of systems

  • Implement financial and transparency protocols (invoice management, communication)
  • Review the banking option as only czech citizens can access the current one
  • Review the current systems and their managers with the objective to regroup them and maximize simplicity and outreach as well as good practices (externalization).
  • Get a unified user management making it more practical and convenient to offer new services
  • Rework the current website, building on @Betan 's work
  • Aim to organize physical Council Meetings at fixed, regular dates. These reccuring events would help build our community.

At the individual level, empower the pirates to participate and lead projects

  • Reach out to pirates interested in working on their projects or board proposals (Program working group, Campaign working group, Events working group, Communication working group…).
  • Draft a way for pirates to be individual members of PPEU.
  • Give them trust, space and the tools necessary to carry their projects until they need to be implemented or validated with wider support.

Closing thoughts

PPEU has got a bit over 10k€ in the bank and low annual funding (which I consider to be a symptom of the lack of trust, activity and openess of the organization). Improving the management and empowering pirates to build projects would be a good way to make use of this treasure chest, especially with the european elections coming up, proving that PPEU can indeed dream a bit bigger and ask to be entrusted with bigger financial means from its members in the coming years.

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Wow. Good speech and lots lots to do. I would vote for you :hugs:

Are you seeking any role at all in the board?
My best

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Yes, I would be comfortable pushing this agenda in both the Vice-Chair and regular Board Member positions I’ve been nominated for.

Thanks for your support and previous term’s work !