Candidacy: Jan Mareš

Name: Jan Mareš
Nominated for: Board member


Oh hi there,
I’m Honza Mareš and I’ve been member of the Czech Pirate Party since late 2017.
I studied history in Prague, Munich and Frankfurt/Oder but I’m currently selling beer for AB Inbev as it actually allows me to pay rent and buy food (unlike a post-doc career).
In the Czech Pirate Party I’ve been mostly active in the International Office of the Party and eventually in the PPEU, I also spent 2 months as a Intern with Mikuláš Peksa (although unfortunately only in Remote due to corona).

My chief concern in the PPEU is it’s expansion, finding new members and perspectives. This agenda is now being expertly taken care of by MAB and Maia, but there is certainly a need for the Board to cooperate as closely as possible.

Another priority for me is the Common European Program, where I’ve been responsible for one of the chapters. Since then I’ve been closely monitoring the very controversial situation with the ratification of the Program by the PPCZ and lobbying for ratifying as much of it as possible.
Hopefully we will be in a stronger position after the recent PPCZ Party Summit.

Last but not the least I would like to organise a f2f or hybrid meeting for knowledge and skills exchange in the PPEU, ideally before the EU election in June.