Nominations for the Chairperson and Vice-Chairpersons positions

Please announce in this thread your organization’s nominations for the following positions, following the resignations of Veronika Murzynová, Anja Hirschel and Mikuláš Peksa :

  • Vice-Chairpersons of the European Pirate Party (2 positions open)
  • Chairperson of the European Pirate Party (1 position open)
Name nominated for Accepted Declined
Marek Barbuš Vice-Chair

Hey. Thanks to the extraordinary circumstances, is there any deadlines to submit the nominations?

The deadlines are overshot already, but no nominations were received, therefore late nominations, including on the spot, will be accepted.

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I assumed as much. Special circumstances.

I might submit more nominations later, but for now the PPCZ nominates at least:

  • Marek Barbuš

A PPCZ’s member, 18yo. Since 2020 active as a volunteer within the European Youth Parliament organization. At the end of June he will be leaving the position of a coordinator of the Central Bohemian Region within the PPCZ, so should have time to devote to PPEU. He’s also a member of the PPCZ’s EZO group (foreign and European affairs team lead by Markéta Gregorová) and is a big fan of all things EU. He’s fluent in English and French.

He wishes to be nominated for a vice-chair only, potentially a regular board member in case any current board member is chosen to be promoted and their seat would be filled.