Candidacy : Raman Ojha

Name: Raman Ojha
Nominated for: Vice-Chair


Good morning Pirates,

After careful consideration, i have chosen to accept my nomination for the vice-chair position within the PPEU. After our crushing defeat at the elections to the European Parliament and resignation of our Chair Mikuláš Peksa, it dawns on me that the PPEU movement needs eager and hard-working people more than ever. I believe that a new collective of fresh blood from quality young people will be the key to moving this organisation forward. Whereas I believe that my appointment as vice-chair will not serve as a magic solution aimed at fixing all of the PPEU’s defficiencies, I will aim to remedy them in any way that i can.

Currently, not mentioning the personel issues within the organisation, there are issues regarding the functioning of our internal communication networks, statutes and PR policy, which need to be addressed in order to move forward.

A little something about me; I joined the Czech Pirate Party from the year 2021, and have been a fully fledged member for around two years now. I am a vice-chair of the Foreign Department in the Czech Pirate Party, an alternate board member of PPI, and a candidate for the Czech regional elections. I am also a member of young pirates in Czechia and a member of our foreign policy team. I have experience with the PPEU for quite a few years, as I have been attending the meetings regularly, namely as a delegate for Czechia, and partook in voting and discussions. I have also helped create the PPEU common programme for the European Parliament elections, namely the Human Rights in the Digital age section. I have also served under Mikuláš Peksa as his trainee in the European Parliament, where I had helped push through our agenda in relation to climate policy. I have just finished my studies in European Law at the University of Maastricht, and decided to focus on EU policy in terms of institutional decision-making and fundamental human rights.

As such, while not a high-ranking politician, i have a decent amount of experience in the field, and believe that these will help me fulfill the role of vice-chair more effectively.

Thank you in advance for your support,