Nominations for the Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson positions

Please announce in this thread your organization’s nominations for the following positions, following the resignations of Veronika Murzynová, Anja Hirschel and Mikuláš Peksa :

  • Chairperson of the European Pirate Party (1 position open)
  • Vice-Chairpersons of the European Pirate Party (2 positions open)
Position Name Nominated by Accepted Declined
Chair Sara “Beau” Hjalmarsson (@nomad_beau) PP-DE Accepted
Chair Florian Roussel (@Emerodh) PP-FR, PP-SI Accepted
Vice-Chair Alexander Kohler (@Alexkohler1) PP-DE Accepted
Vice-Chair Florian Roussel (@Emerodh) Pirati, PP-FR, YPE, PP-SI Accepted
Vice-Chair Mathias Bjarnemalm (@Mab) PP-DE Declined
Vice-Chair Sara “Beau” Hjalmarsson (@nomad_beau) Pirati, PP-DE Accepted
Vice-Chair Mathis Godefroid (@MathisGodefroid) PP-LU Accepted
Vice-Chair Tim Leidig (@TimLeidig) YPE Accepted
Vice-Chair Marek Barbuš PP-CZ Accepted
Vice-Chair Eric Liam Bibikov PP-CZ Accepted
Vice-Chair Raman Ojha PP-CZ Accepted
Vice-Chair Jan Liška PP-CZ Accepted
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Hey. Thanks to the extraordinary circumstances, is there any deadlines to submit the nominations?

The deadlines are overshot already, but no nominations were received, therefore late nominations, including on the spot, will be accepted.

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I assumed as much. Special circumstances.

I might submit more nominations later, but for now the PPCZ nominates at least:

  • Marek Barbuš

A PPCZ’s member, 18yo. Since 2020 active as a volunteer within the European Youth Parliament organization. At the end of June he will be leaving the position of a coordinator of the Central Bohemian Region within the PPCZ, so should have time to devote to PPEU. He’s also a member of the PPCZ’s EZO group (foreign and European affairs team lead by Markéta Gregorová) and is a big fan of all things EU. He’s fluent in English and French.

He wishes to be nominated for both chair and vice-chair, potentially a regular board member in case any current board member is chosen to be promoted and their seat would be filled.

I got two more nominations:

  • Eric Liam Bibikov (PPCZ, for for both chair and vice-chair)
  • Raman Ojha (PPCZ, for vice-chair)
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Pirati nominates for the position of vice-chairpersons:


The german pirate party nominates:

As chair:
Sara “Beau” Hjalmarsson (@nomad_beau) PP-SE

As vice chair:
Sara “Beau” Hjalmarsson (@nomad_beau) PP-SE
Mathias Bjarnemalm (@Mab) PP-SE
Alexander Kohler (@Alexkohler1) PP-DE

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According to the statutes, if a board member is elected to a different position on the board, then their previous position will be filled at the following Council meeting. So the only posts thst will be elected at this meeting are the three posts already announced.


PPFR is nominating Florian Roussel for the Chair and Vice-chair position.


On behalf of PPCZ I would like to withdraw all our nominations for now. I shall submit (or re-submit) them by Sunday morning, but the situation is a bit chaotic. The process of nominations with no time for proper (or, let’s face it, any) primaries is putting me into a very complicated situation that we need to discuss internally some more before submitting our final names. I jumped the gun by posting anything here. Thanks for understanding.


PPLU nominate Mathis Godefroid @MathisGodefroid as Vice- Chair

Reminder to the nominees that they need to accept their nominations in order for the Board to open their candidacy thread where they can provide documents or text in support of their candidacies.

@Alexkohler1 @MathisGodefroid, for notice.

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I accept the nomination

After meticulous consideration, the Young Pirates of Europe is nominating Florian Roussel (@emerodh) and Tim Leidig (@TimLeidig) for the position of Vice-Chair.

We also express our support to Sara “Beau” Hjalmarsson for the position of Chair.


I of course accept the nomination

PPCZ, after careful consideration, hereby nominates the following gentlemen for the vice chair position:

This final nomination is based on the PPCZ’s Forign Dept. Chair’s (mine) decision based on the nomination’s thread on PPCZ’s forum here: Mimořádná dovolba předsednictva PPEU - Fórum Pirátské strany

All four candidates accepted their nomination in said thread.

As for the PPEU Chair’s position, PPCZ chooses not to nominate anyone this time and will gladly support the other proposed candidates. Thank you.

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Good evening,

Thank you so much for your support, i kindly accept the nomination, with reference to my justification outlined in the Czech pirate forum here: Mimořádná dovolba předsednictva PPEU - Fórum Pirátské strany

I am open to answering any further questions or inquiries raised at the meeting tommorow during the apporpriate time.

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow,

I accept and thank you, french, slovenian, italian, young and czech pirates for your nominations and support.

I have been hesitant to accept my nominations because I believe it would be better to have sitting parliamentarians in those positions. Unfortunately, I have not seen any such nominations.

Therefore, I now officially accept both my nominations - for vice chair and for chair.

Thank you German pirates, Italian pirates and YPE for your trust.

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