Candidacy : Tim Leidig

Name: Tim Leidig
Nominated for: Vice-Chair


My Fellow Pirates,

Dark clouds are gathering over the European horizon while we have already seen stronger times as a movement. But I think we can… no, we have to come out of this low again, as a stronger unit and as a stronger movement! PPEU and National Parties need each other, to lead on issues and exchange best practices, while staying close to the field and true to the local concerns on which to build our European ideal. We still want to ride a wave of success from 10 years ago that has long since become still waters. We must finally manage to appeal to people again with our issues and ideas. The younger generation in particular must not be allowed to slip through our fingers! As a German, I unfortunately had to experience what it is like to lose my representation in the EU Parliament, which is precisely why we need to work together and come back stronger. We must not allow this to happen to us again under any circumstances and I am firmly convinced that together we can turn this quiet stream “back” into a raging river!
I know that it will take a big leap of faith for you to vote for me, so I thank YPE for their trust in proposing me for this position.
A better future is possible, for the Pirate Movement and for Europe!
But only together!

About me:

My name is Tim, 19 from Germany.
I’ve been politically and socially active for far too long for my age. Like many people, I started out in the climate movement. But I quickly also moved to other topics, such as social justice, freedom of the press and opinion, anti-fascism and so on. Over the years I’ve organized protests, camps, soup kitchens and much more, more than I can count. I don’t want to brag with this, but I want to point out a very important part of the Pirate movement for me.
Every single one of us can make a difference if we want to!