Candidacy : Marek Barbuš

Name: Marek Barbuš
Nominated for: Vice-Chair


Dear all,

My name is Marek Barbuš, I am 18 years old and I am a member of PPCZ.

I am a regional coordinator for Central Bohemian Pirates, a member of a departmental team led by Markéta Gregorová on Europe, Foreign policy and Defence and I am a candidate for the Central Bohemian region council, with my primary focus being education.

As for relevant, non-political experience, I have been a volunteer for international student organisation - European Youth Parliament since I was 15. This has given me enough opportunities and skills, mostly organisational and academic, I would love to use for the future of the PPEU.

I personally condemn the lack of PR of PPEU, which I would like to take under my competences if elected. The fact that our social networks are not that strong is a key issue in popularizing Pirate values across Europe. I plan on creating content with the help of our MEP and her team that would spark interest in Pirate Parties and policies mostly in my generation (first-time voters and students). Only when a strong base is built can we strive to become a full European party.

I am young, energetic, not scared of work and willing to participate. If you have any questions, I will be more than happy to answer them.

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And I of course accept the nomination!