Agenda for the 14th Council meeting

This is the draft agenda for the 14th Council meeting. It was last updated 2023-12-11. Please bear in mind it might change up until the start of the meeting.

  1. Meeting administration
    a) Opening of the meeting and registration of delegates
    b) Welcoming remarks from the European Pirate Party chair
    c) Election of meeting chairs and minute takers
    d) Approval of the agenda

  2. Decisions and discussions
    a) Update on the ratification of the Common European Election Program (CEEP) and the Common Pirate Strategy (CPS) for the 2024 European Elections. See overview here.
    b) 2024 European Parliament Elections. See proposal here
    b1) Proposal to elect European Pirate lead candidates. See proposal here
    c) relationship agreement with the Greens/EFA Group. See proposal heree.

  3. Finances and discharge
    a) Report on the 2023 Accounts. See draft report here.
    b) Approval of the 2024 Budget. See draft proposal here.
    c) Donations policy

  4. Closing of the meeting
    a) AOB
    a1) Point of information about lapsing Memberships. See comment here.
    a2) Point of information about the 15th Council meeting, scheduled to take place on January 27 in Luxembourg next year.
    b) Final greetings

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Do we have any details on what would be discussed in the 2.b) 2024 EP Elections part ?

I am expecting that the Members will want an overview of what the situation is in our respective countries