Italian European Elections 2024

Proposal for item 2.b of the agenda


While The European Pirate Party has two member parties in Italy it currently looks like neither will have the support and resources to pull off an European Election campaign independently. To ensure that we maximize our possibilities to get pirates elected in Italy it therefore makes sense to encourage our two parties to cooperate with a joint list in the elections. In addition, we will still need active involvement from the European Pirates to ensure a good result, and to mediate any conflicts that might arise from having more than one party involved in the list.


We propose to organize a joint list, with a name and a logo that will be decided later on. In addition, we propose the following:

  • that the European Pirate Party appoints Pirati as the organisation responsible for collecting all candidatures and any mandatory or relevant information needed to participate in the 2024 European Parliament Election in Italy in compliance with Italian electoral law;
  • the process will strive to include pirate candidates from both Pirati and PP-IT, as well as any other relevant candidates, ensuring a fair representation of pirate interests in Italy;
  • every candidate will have to accept CEEP24 and sign the CPS 2024;
  • the board of the European Pirate Party, supervising all the process, will receive all documentation no later than March 15th 2024 and it will ultimately decide the final list of candidates within March 31st 2024, so every candidate can start campaigning;
  • the board will also be in charge of ensuring that candidates will be presented in a Pirate list in the next Italian European Election 2024, appointing any Italian pirate in order to fulfill the requirements of the Italian laws.