Invitation to the 14th Council meeting of the European Pirate Party, online 16 December

Dear all,

I hope you are preparing for the upcoming online Council meeting that will be held online 16 December. Please feel free to use this thread to post any general questions about the meeting that you might have. Questions related to the agenda can ideally be posted in this dedicated agenda thread.

Below is a copy of the formal invitation that was sent to the PPEU mailinglist 16 November 2023, by Mikulas.

Dear Pirate Parties,

It is my pleasure to formally invite you to the 14th European Pirate Party Council meeting. This meeting will take place online, and be held on December 16th. Starting time will be 09:30 CEST, and will continue for the rest of the day, with a break for lunch between 12:30-13:30. As we have done for the last couple of meetings we will use Jitsi for the meeting. We will use Discourse for any votes taking place, as well as for posting proposals.

All information regarding the meeting, including a link to the Agenda, can be found on our wiki: 14th_council_meeting_2023 [PPEU wiki]

In line with our statutes every Member Party can send a certain number of official Delegates to our Council meetings. These have the rights to speak and vote on behalf of the member party. You can find a list of the number of delegates and votes for each Member Party here: ppeu:members [PPEU wiki]. Please register your delegates before the meeting on Discourse: Delegates present at the 14th Council meeting

Additions to the Agenda
All member parties are welcome to submit additional proposals to the Council meeting. These proposals shall be sent to, or submitted on Discourse. Proposals received by the board will be presented on Discourse in time for the meeting.

Additional information
Additional information regarding the Council meeting will be provided on Discourse when it is available.

On behalf of the European Pirate Party Board,

Mikulas Peksa,


Below is a copy of an containing links to the Budget proposal and an updated agenda email that was sent to the PPEU mailinglist 1 December 2023, by Mab.

Dear all,

I am writing to you on behalf of the European Pirate Party Board to provide you with the Board proposal for the European Pirate Party Budget for 2024. The proposal can be found here:

There has also been some additions to the agenda. Namely the added proposal to have an election of Pirate Lead Candidates for the European Elections next year, and a relationship agreement with the Greens/EFA Group in the European Parliament. The updated agenda, with all related documents, can be found on Discourse:

I would also like to draw your attention to the fact that you’re expected to register your delegates in advance of the meeting here:

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me or the Board with any questions related to the Council meeting. I would recommend you to direct questions to us through Discourse, or in the dedicated Council Meetings Mattermost channel.

On behalf of the European Pirate Party Board,

Pirate Parties Network Officer