Workshops at the Campaign Coordination Conference

As mentioned in the save-the-date-thread about our event in Brussels this Friday, we have a workshop session on the program in the morning.

the idea is that we will split into 5 different groups based on interest, and brainstorm how one can create a campaign around the selected topic. Ideally the group should come up with the outline for a campaign strategy for the topical campaign. Each group will have a staffer from the Pirate team in the EP to help facilitate the discussion. The result will then be presented in a five minute presentation to the whole conference after the coffee break.

We have some PR-experts present who will give feedback on the proposals. Hopefully this will be useful to inspire thoughts about how to make these topics parts of campaigns back home, be those election campaigns or other types of campaigns.

The five topics chosen for this exercise are:

Artificial intelligence
Green deal
Reform of the EU

Feel free to already start thinking of ideas related to the topic you’re interested in. And if you have questions or comments please feel free to post them in this thread.

Where is the workshop material available?

Hello @Matthijs I am not sure as to what material you are referring to, so I compiled and organized everything that was aired out at the event.

Let me know if you were searching for something else or more specific.