What is the Greens/EFA info platform?

You might have seen in other threads mentions of a Greens/EFA info platform. In short it can be described in the following way:

This password protected platform is a knowledge base for sharing internal information from the Greens/EFA Group in the context of the 2024 information campaign. It will provide key information about :

  • our thematic work
  • the voting behaviour of other political parties (compared to our own)
  • our thematic campaigns
  • our communication work

It is based on a ready-made open source tool and will be accessible to identified Green actors in the 2024 EU elections campaign.

As the Pirates sit in the Greens/EFA Group, our candidates will have access to this platform. If you have candidates or Campaign managers who haven’t been given access to the platform yet, please reach out to me about it so we can solve it.