Regional Development

Would like to lance this topic, but need to present myself first. For which I don’t find the entrance. Would anybody have the kindness, to send me the link. Some sort of blindness in my eyes, ankle of viewpoint … help me enter , please :smile:

By any chance, are you looking for this topic : Round of introductions of participants ?

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Hi Wiga,
have no managed to enter the stuff.
But a question to the Regional Development Chapter. I send you the list of the Chapters and you can read, what has been written. It is ok for me, relating to R.D.
What do you think?
Would like to know your opinion, before we call it finalized.

Thank you and best best, Mia

Thank you for your help. have *now managed to enter :slight_smile:

The list: CEEP 2024 - overview - Tabulky Google