Round of introductions of participants

Dear all,

to help facilitate a constructive and collaborative working environment it helps to know who you work with. To that aim I would encourage everyone to introduce themselves in this thread with a short introduction of who they are.


My name is Mattias Bjärnemalm, and I am normally call Mab, as that is shorter.

I currently work in the European Parliament as a Pirate Parties Network Officer, helping our elected MEPs connect to the wider pirate community, and helping said community to connect with our tea in Brussels. More about my proffessional background can be found here:

I joined the Swedish Pirates back in 2006, and I have been active in the party in various capacities ever since. I’ve been in the management team and on the board of the party on a couple of occasions, and I made a short stint as vice president for the party in 2016. I also founded and built up our youth wing in Sweden, between 2006-2009. After moving to Brussels to work in the European Parliament my focus has slowly shifted towards the European Pirate Communtity, and I was involved in the preparation and founding of the Young Pirates of Europe in 2013, and the European Pirate Party in 2014.

I am mainly here to help facilitate the process surrounding the 2024 CEEP, to ensure that we follow the planned schedule and produce a text that can get the support of our member parties. I’ve been tasked by the board to help with moderating this Discourse during the works with the CEEP, so don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions you might have about the platform or its content.


My name is Guido Körber, also known as TheBug.

I am a member of the German Pirate Party since 2009. Over the years I have various functions up to board member and acting chair of the local state chair of Brandenburg and I have run as candidate in the national elections twice.

I am spokesperson for energy policy of the German Pirates. But I am also interested in general environmental topics, space policy, and to some degree in trade and economic policies especially for SMEs. The last is at least a bit of self interest since I run a small electronics design/manufacturing company.

Mainly I will focus on energy and space policy for the CEEP24 and I hope we can improve the existing chapters. Those are important issues for the future and I see the Pirate Party as a party oriented towards making the future a good place to live in.


My name is Wietze Brandsma, also known as Wab.

I am a member of the Dutch Pirate Party since 2012. Over the years I have had various functions on a national level, but also assisting local Pirates with the organisation for municipal and regional election campaigns. I have run as candidate in the 2021 national elections.

I was the co-lead for the national election program 2021, and have contributed on economy and antitrust, tax, trade, copyright, patents. My main focus will be on antitrust policy and its implications on the economy, but also on democracy and individual autonomy. I see the Pirate Party as a party to ensure economic and social progress for the people.


My name is Dario Castañé, from Catalonia.

I am a member of the Catalonian Pirate Party since 2010. I am the international spokeperson of the party, and I had various roles, including elected Council Member in my hometown from 2015 to 2019.

Professionally, currently I am Engineering Manager in a startup developing a zero-party data platform for grocers and retailers. More about my professional background here:

I also maintain some open source projects:

  • Mergo: a helper library for merging structs in Go (used by thousands of projects).
  • Asembleo: a pseudo-anonymous voting system for distributed general assemblies, organizations, or events.
  • Shipanaro: PP-CAT’s IAM.

My focus here will be Civil Society and Human Rights in the Digital Era.


My name is Anders Erkéus, secretary of the Stockholm Pirates, Sweden , @anderserk, member of an international group on national level.

I am an oldie that since my youth have been wanting and working for a knowledge society, that prioritizes human and cultural growth before quantified growth of money circulation. (GDP etc). Quality of life, personal and collective self empowerment as a political goal. I see the creativity and free sharing on the internet as a seed for that.

Been engaged in the EU since 1992, as a critic, acted as some kind of coordinator for TEAM (The European Alliance for EU-critical Movements). Then became more of a pedagogue , made the informational site with support from the Swedish government. Lately I have been thinking a lot on possible decentralised EU-reforms ( Also spent some time with the Greens, with a lot of organisational work and a short session as international secretary… Worked for a green EU-parliamentarian researching and writing/coordinating articles against mass data retention. Disliked the later development of the Greens and left them.

Enthusiastic over the emergence of the Internet and shocked at the crack down on the Pirate Bay I joined the Pirates in 2009 and have been acting there since then, with some variation of activity. I have been organising the elections in Stockholm a couple of times. Democratic living conditions is one of my local topics along with makerspaces, intelligent digitalisation etc from the “usual” pirate agenda.

Personally I teach basic music and instrument making and sell easy-to-play instruments and sound toys (, write some articles now and then, read and compete in poetry, done translations and shows on Rumi and Dylan.


Hi everyone,

My name is Jules Obry. I am, as Mab, currently working for our elected MEPs. I focus on policy coordination and policy advising on various topics within the Pirates delegation in the European Parliament. That is why you will most probably see me in various channels.

I am pretty new to the Pirates movement as I joined the delegation a year ago! I was at the beginning mostly interested by data protection and migration but the scope of topics I am working on expanded when joining the Pirates delegation (environment for instance).

Looking forward to working with you all.


Hi everybody

My name is Florie Marie, also known as Florie…
I’m member of the French Pirate Party, I’m spokeswoman of the PPFR, vice chair of the PPEU and recently elected as chair of the PPI.
I’m interested in Democracy, I wrote the actual french status using liquid democracy, but I’m also interested in almost everything.



Hi all, I am Juho Karvinen from Finnish Pirates. I often go by the handle sthjs in online contexts.

I became a member of the party in 2013 after being a member of Greens for a short while. I have been a candidate in several elections and volunteered in several roles in the local and national organization, including being the vice chair in 2020-2022. Currently I am the chair of the national party council, which is a kind of a “legislative” organ between general assemblies and the party board.

Since 2019 I have also been the coordinator of the work done to update our platform and contributed in several policy areas. During that time we have overhauled our program of principles and written electoral programs for the municipal election in 2021, the regional election in 2022 and recently parliamentary election.

I do not consider myself an expert in any specific field but rather a generalist. However, my (slowly progressing) PhD research in sociology deals with ecological transition and the politics of technology within that context, so sustainability issues are close to my heart. I think we should do politics that ensures a good life for all within the planetary boundaries, as the catch phrase goes.

So far I have little experience and contacts on PPEU level, so I am thrilled to join the work on CEEP. However, for the next couple of months, I also have duties concerning the Finnish parlamentary election so let’s see how intensively I can participate. When Mab and Mikuláš visited Finland recently, I signed up for several working groups: the Preamble, Environment, Climate and Energy, Finances and Regional Development.

On a bit more personal note: I like to read and reading circles are one of my favourite hobbies. More academic stuff like social theory, science and technology studies, and environmental studies, but also public intellectuals like Kate Raworth, Mariana Mazzucato, David Graeber. The list of readings is never exhausted but I think these readings feed into the understanding of pirate ideology. But this is of course an ongoing process. So this is the angle I can best contribute from, rather than detailed knowledge of ongoing policy processes.


Hi, I am Dan Leština from Pirate Party CZ.
I have background in ecological science and nature conservation and I am excited about the oportunity to contribute to related topics (namely environment and agriculture).
I work for the Czech Pirate MP Klára Kocmanová and for the Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech Republic. I am also a member of the Regional Council of the South Bohemian Region and the wider “board” of the Czech Pirate Party.


Hi everyone, I am Marketa Gregorova, Czech Pirate and currently Member of the European Parliament, and I will be happy to focus with you on foreign affairs and security issues! <3


Hi guys,

My name is Raman. I am 20 years old and am currently studying European Law at the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands. I have been a member of the Czech Pirate Party since 2021. During the course of my membership, I have mainly focused on foreign affairs and relations between other Pirate parties. I actively engage in both the PPEU as well as the PPI.

I am excited to help develop a common human rights policy, and look forward to working with you.


Hello !

I’m Etienne Evellin (Aurifex) from PPFR. I’m currently a board member of PPEU and I’m in charge of the event that will take place in Strasbourg in April.

I mainly work on justice related topic but I’m also interested by international affairs and social questions.

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My name is Cédric Levieux aka farlistener

I’m member of the French Pirate Party, I’m spokeswoman of the PPFR, member of the board of PPEU and I’m in charge of the Civil Society topic for the CEEP 2024.

I’m also interested in several topics like energy, climate and environment, space programme, transport, open data and free software.

In my pirate life, I’m also very interested about democratic processes and delegative/liquid democracy.

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Hi! I’m Tomáš Valenta, a member of PP-CZ.

I’m probably the youngest among you and also relatively new to the Pirate movement, I’ve only actively been around for the past 2 or so years. I do have projects I’m quite proud of under my belt though, notably petitions against both Chatcontrol proposals and Assange’s imprisonment, public surveillance mapping, and making my very own (eternally WIP) open source forum software. I also work as a developer for the local party.

The main topics I’m interested in - if you couldn’t tell already - are open source technologies, privacy and freedom of expression.

I enjoy a variety things outside of my pirate personality as well, the current most notable one being spontaneous travel, as I’m writing this post from my little capsule hotel somewhere in Tokyo. :slight_smile: I write about other things here sometimes, for anyone interested.

I’m looking forward to working with you all.

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Hello i am Daniel Mönch from the pirate party germany i have been an member of the pirate party since 2011. since then i have had the opportunity to work on various election programmes at state, federal and european level.

My main topics are social issues, the environment, digitalisation and defence.

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Hi everyone!

My name is Alessandro Ciofini, also known as Solibo (member of PPSE and Pirati from Italy).
I’m in the Pirate movement since 2012, currently serving the European Pirate Party as Vice Chairperson.

I will try to coordinate the Open Data CEEP matter, as well as the incoming visiting group at EP in Strasbourg next April.

Politics interests apart, I currently work as Chief Technology Officer in an International IT company (

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Hallo my name is Eleonora Serrati, member of Pirati, Italy. I approached Pirate movement on 2019 and would love to contribute on agroecological and environmental topics. I’m a plant health inspector based in Imperia.



my name is Aljoscha and I am a member of the German Pirate Party since 2009. I hold a Ph.D in Biology and I am working as scientist and knowledge broker in the field of climate adaptation for a federal agency.

My knowledge in this field is what I would like to contribute. While climate protection will be a chalange for humanity for hopefully no longer that 20 or maybe 30 more years, climate adaptation is a chalange that unfortunately will last into the 22nd century.

And - propably good to know for you guys - I have dyslexia.

Cast off!



My name is Tarja Fauvet, I’ve 27 year’s old and I’m a member of the French Pirate Party since 2015. I’m currently a Queer and Feminist activist, and I would like to be a nursing assistant in the next few years.

I’m interested about all the Diversity’s subjects. But I would like to open myself to all the subjects that the Pirate Party’s interested with, such as Democracy, Healthcare, civil rights, etc.

Have a good day to all of you! :wink: