NEXT STEP: Jitsi meetings to discuss the drafts of all chapters

Dear all,

To move forward with the texts we will organize a bunch of jitsi-meetings, one for each chapter. The meetings will be held here:

Below you will find the schedule for the jitsi meetings, as well as links to the drafts/discussion threads that will work as the basis for those jitsi meetings:

Date & Time Draft text Coordinator
Wednesday 5th of April
18:30-20:30 Preamble Anders Erkeus
20:30-22:30 Environment, Climate and Energy Guido Körber
Thursday 6th of April
18:30-20:30 Human Rights in the Digital Age Raman Ojha
20:30-22:30 Space Programme Guido Körber
Friday 7th of April
21:00-23:00 Open Data Alessandro Ciofini
Sunday 9th of April
19:00-21:00 Civil Society Cédric Levieux
Monday 10th of April
13:00-15:00 Finances Sebastian Krone
15:00-17:00 International Affairs Markéta Gregorová
17:00-19:00 [Security & Defense](Defense Policy & Cybersecurity) Alexander Kohler
19:00-21:00 Transport Florie Marie
21:00-23:00 Agriculture and Fisheries Florie Marie
Tuesday 11th of April
Moved to Thursday Net Policy Marcel Kolaja
Moved to Thursday Drug Policy Janka Michailidu
20:30-22:30 Regional Development Jan Mareš
Wednesday 12th of April
17:00-18:30 Education, Culture, Research & Free Knowledge Tomáš Adamec
18:30-20:30 Social Affairs & Healthcare Andrel Linnenbank
20:30-22:30 Free software Tomáš Valenta
Thursday 13th of April
14.00-15.30 Net Policy Marcel Kolaja
17:00-18:30 Drug Policy Janka Michailidu

I am sorry, but this date (Tuesday 18:30-20:30) does not work with me. I do not know how the dates were chosen, but I have a defence of my dissertation on that day, so I definitely won’t be ready to coordinate a jitsi meeting in the evening.
I would prefer to organizce a call to coordinate the preparation of my chapter by a poll, so people can chose dates that suit them. (as I have done it previously)

The dates were selected by the thematic coordinators. In those cases where the thematic coordinators didn’t give me any suggestions for time slots, as I had asked in an email, they were chosen by me.

It is unfortunate that the slot won’t work. I can send out a cancellation, or try to find someone to facilitate it in your absence.

Given that the thematic coordinators are supposed to be able to present a final draft for the Strasbourg conference this Saturday, and thus no meetkngs will be scheduled after this Wednesday, I don’t really think there are much time to conduct a poll for when to have the jitsi meeting.

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Dear all,

due to conflicting schedules we have had to reschedule the jitsi meetings for Drug Policy and Net Policy to Thursday this week. Exact time slots will be announced later today.

Hi everyone, just a really quick note to express a slight frustration about the timing. The email with notification that there will be meetings was sent one day before the first scheduled call, with the rest falling to Easter, which includes 2 bank holidays in CZ.
I understand that there was a previous agreement to have the programme finished in April but I am a bit worried about the actual participation.


Hi @Zireael,

I fully understand your frustration! I am doing the best I can to help move this project forward, but the fact that the Discourse came online a bit over 2 months after the original launch date, and the fact that we didn’t wanted to delay the physical meeting in Strasbourg, meant that it has all been a bit rushed. For that you have my deepest apologies. Hopefully this will be something we can improve for next time.