Finishing the preamble

We please need to schedule a meeting and need more people to work at the preamble.

The preamble is the intro to our program, it is very important to catch the attention of those voters who want to learn what we stand for. It is so to say the store front that has to convince people to go inside and look at what we have to offer.

At the moment just Anders and I are working on the text and we definitely need a lot more input than just the two of us to come up with a good end product that has a broad consensus and is catching the attention of the voters.

So please get involved and help!

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Hello @all and everybody! Shouldn’t we schedule a jitsi meeting to receive an appropriate preamble text? Please forward some dates, where most people could attend? I had heard also from Mikulas and others, that they want to have a part in that. So, Guido, the whole question is the when-when? Get involved :slight_smile: best, Mia

Yes, we should do a meeting ASAP. Looking at my calendar Monday or Friday would be available, the rest of the week is already filled with Pirate stuff :slight_smile:

Friday is better. Need to ask Mikulas and Veronika too :slight_smile: 18.00 h? Would that fit?
Thanks and best, Mia

No way, 18:00 is way too early for me

Hi Guido, then please give us another time slot option! What about 20.00 h or even 21.00 h? Just choose it, plz :slight_smile: Best, Mia

20:00 sounds reasonable

Well then, I announce here a last jitsi meeting on the Preamble Chapter. Taking place on Friday, June 16, 20.00 CEST. Please participate! And pass on the word :slight_smile:
Best Mia

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Can you please drop the link to the Jitsi room here, so it is easy to find?

ok, I will try to. Preamble-Meeting

Hope, that will work :slight_smile:

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Im sitting here in the Jitsi room and nobody came … will wait some more minutes … but?

Oh no, sorry, I totally missed the time.

Can we set up a new meeting ASAP?

I missed it also, will put some efforts on it. And please, all, look at my work on it, including “surrounding texts” before discussing it.

Find the final text proposed by PP Sweden here: