PP Sweden's proposal for preamble - final


The board of the Swedish Pirates decided on July 1st to propose a text for the preamble. Minor amendments has been made to the presented version in cooperation with the delegates Passmark and Lebedeva. This is the version to be voted on:

New proposed preamble to EU-program

A movement for the 21st century

Born of a vision of the free exchange of information and knowledge enabled by the Internet, the Pirate parties of Europe are truly a movement for the 21st century. As pirates we embrace this emerging culture of creativity, free sharing, communication and collaboration.

The pirates want to build a solid democratic foundation for the EU and its member states, by making political processes more transparent and accessible, allowing for meaningful citizen participation.The EU must live up to its own principles on subsidiarity. Decisions should not be taken at EU level if they can be better resolved at national, regional or local level. Decisions at the EU level should be preceded by European-wide debate within member-states

The EU tends to primarily see the internet as a new digital commercial market, overlooking the potential for a new creative culture of free knowledge and sharing. We want to promote the development of this potential and of digitalisation in general - a development that must be carried out with insight and care. The dominance of big tech companies should be reduced. The rapid development of AI must be managed such that it benefits all of society. The EU and its member states must refrain from mass surveillance of their citizens. The Pirates will defend the freedom of the internet with fierce determination at both the EU and the global level.

We want to see a free, fair and sustainable society, that embraces the protection of the fundamental human rights, integrity, dignity, the rule of law, justice, non-discrimination and rights of minorities, while promoting responsible self-empowerment in all areas of life and society.