Delegates present at the 14th Council meeting

This thread will list all delegates for the 14th Council meeting of the European Pirate Party, including votes held by each delegate.

this first post will be updated with the current list of delegates. Registration of new delegates, change of delegates, or handing over of votes, can be done by posting a message in this thread, clearly stating who should act as a delegate for which party, and with what voting rights, by anyone authorized by their member party to do so. Don’t forget to include full name of the delegate, along with their Profile name here on Discourse.

Registered delegates

Party Delegate Votes
PPLU: Carole Weiler
PPGR: Vassilis Perantzakis
PPGR Thanasis Chantzios
Pirati: Eleonora Serrati
Pirati: Marco Confalonieri
PPCZ: Samuel Vanco
PPCZ: Raman Ojha
PPCZ: Michal Gill
PPDE Gregory Engels
PPDE Schoresch Davoodi
PPFR Pierre Beyssac
PPNL Andrel Linnenbank
PPSE Sara Hjalmarsson
PPSI: Samuel Vanco
PPSK Rudolf
PPSK Juraj Krátky (from 10:44)
PPFI Sara Hjalmarsson (from 10:47)
EP Anja Hirschel
EP Samuel Vanco
YPE: Matěj Bělohoubek
YPE: Maija Li Raudaskoski
YPE: Samuel Enenkl

It is possible to state an order of voting rights among multiple delegates (i.e. person X has the right to vote on behalf of the party with A number of votes. If person X is absent from a vote then person Y has that right, if person Y is absent then person Z has that vote, and so on). Please bear in mind the number of delegates allowed to each party when creating such a list. And clearly indicate the number of votes for each delegate involved.

Hi, I would like to register on behalf of the Pirate Party of Greece.
My name is Vassilis Perantzakis (vasper), I am the newly elected president of the governing body of the Pirate Party of Greece, and I have 1 vote.

Thank you


Hi Vasper!

Congratulations to being elected president of the governing body of the Pirate Party of Greece, and Welcome to the European Pirate Party Discourse. I have added you to the list of delegates above.

However, please note that to be able to have a vote the Greek Pirates must first fulfil their financial obligations to the party, which it seems from our notes haven’t happened yet: ppeu:members:fees [PPEU wiki]

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our treasurer Alessandro for further details.


The delegates for Pirati will be:

  • Eleonora Serrati
  • Marco Confalonieri
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Hi @vasper welcome on board! Mab got a real point on this topic: I’ve written you a private message with all details. Could you have a look? I’m at your disposal for any further inquires. Ahoy!

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Thank you Mattias. We will pay our fees as soon as possible.

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@vasper please drop me a line: I will send you past invoices once again if needed.
Outstanding 2022 and 2023 fees can be paid via wire transfert to our FIO Bank account.

Fio banka, a.s., V Celnici 1028/10, Praha, 117 21, Czech republic

  • IBAN: CZ8320100000002701538320


  • Account number: 2701538320/201

And thanks a lot!

Hi Marco, it seems I can’t find Eleonora Serrati here on Discourse. Can you let me know her username here?

All the best,



For Young Pirates of Europe, I register the following people:
Matěj Bělohoubek
Maija Li Raudaskoski
Samuel Enenkl

We might rotate as we have VG programme in Brussels during the day.

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As the PPCZ’s international coordinator, I would like to nominate these following people as delegates for the 14th council meeting:

Samuel Vanco
Raman Ojha
Michal Gill

Thank you.

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@Zafferanory is Eleonora Serrati

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The delegates for PPDE for the 14th council meeting will be

  • Gregory Engels
  • Martin Kollien-Glaser
  • Schoresch Davoodi
  • Stephan Erdmann

Hi @Tastenquaeler,

According to our notes PPDE are entitled to 2 delegates: ppeu:members [PPEU wiki] Please let me know if this information is obsolete?

Otherwise, could you please let me know which of the four names are the official delegates?

Hi @Mab

as I had been informed it should be 4 delegates but only 2 votes for PPDE

Hi @Tastenquaeler, I am afraid that is incorrect. Please check article 15 in the statutes: Statutes | European Pirate Party

The only entities that can ever have the combination of 2 votes and 4 delegates would be the Pirate Group in the European Parliament and the YPE. For everyone else you will only be entitled to 4 delegates if you are entitled to 4-7 votes.

Hi @Mab

sorry for the late response
In that case our delegates would be

Gregory Engels
Schoresch Davoodi

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Thanks! Can you share with me their usernames here on Discourse? So that they will be able to vote during the meeting tomorrow.

Delegate for France will be Pierre Beyssac (PierreB)

I am afraid I still don’t know Gregorys username here

Schoresch Davoodi’s username here is @AlDavoodi

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I had just been informed about Gregorys username
So the delegates of PPDE are

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