Delegates for the 16th Council meeting

This thread will list all delegates for the 16th Council meeting of the European Pirate Party.

This first post will be updated with the current list of delegates. Registration of new delegates, change of delegates, or handing over of votes, can be done by posting a message in this thread, clearly stating who should act as a delegate for which party, and with what voting rights, by anyone authorized by their member party to do so. Don’t forget to include full name of the delegate, along with their Profile name here on Discourse.

Registered delegates

Party Delegate Comments
PPSE Jacob Sinclair, Kevin Stenberg 1 vote
MEP delegation
PPCH Pipo & @Jorgo Membership Applicant

It is possible to state an order of voting rights among multiple delegates (i.e. person X has the right to vote on behalf of the party with A number of votes. If person X is absent from a vote then person Y has that right, if person Y is absent then person Z has that vote, and so on). Please bear in mind the number of delegates allowed to each party when creating such a list. And clearly indicate the number of votes for each delegate involved.

You mean 16th Council :slight_smile:


As there is an agenda item
a) Membership applications
a1) Swiss Pirates (PP-CH)
we delegate Pipo & @Jorgo from the board of the Pirate Party Switzerland (most probably without voting right)


For PPCZ I would like to list the following delegates:

The new members section is very much the first substantial item on the agenda, so, if accepted on the spot, you’ll gain your voting rights immediately (I assume one vote).

Given that PP-CH anticipated the payment of their membership fees, they would indeed receive their voting rights immediately (one vote, as we can’t find any national elections result, suggesting they didn’t run). If anyone got info on national election scores for PP-CH, would be most welcome to clear the little doubts remaining !

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