Appointment of Coordinator for CEEP Working Group "Consumer Protection"

Dear all,

despite having no opportunity to discuss in the Board meeting due to lack of time, I would like to propose following motion:

1. The Board decides to appoint Marcel Kolaja as thematic coordinator for Working Group Consumer Protection.

2. The Board takes note of draft proposal for new chapter named Consumer Protection for the CEEP as drafted by Marcel Kolaja.


Consumer protection is one of the most important topics covered by EU legislation and therefore shall be covered by CEEP. Marcel participated as member of European Parliament committee IMCO (Internal Market and Consumer Protection) for 4 years and can be therefore considered one of the most relevant Pirate experts in the field.

1 vote Yes for this motion.

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1 vote Yes for this motion.

Yes for me (1 vote) (and other letters)

All my trust on Marcel : Yes, for me

Yes from me. Sounds good.