Draft proposal for a new chapter: Consumer Protection

Consumer protection

In order to fully enjoy the right of equal access to the internet and right of digital participation citizens need to feel safe online. Therefore, the Pirates support empowering consumers and effectively protecting their safety, rights, and interests.

Consumer safety in the digital era

The Pirates want to ensure that people have access to the same quality of products everywhere in Europe and that branded products, sold under the same or similar brand name and packaging, don’t have lower quality ingredients or sensory characteristics in different Member States.

The Internet as a medium should know no borders. We consider artificial national barriers for cultural goods a hindrance to the European internal market and in contradiction with European values. We will not allow restrictions based on the geographical location of the broadcaster and the recipient. The revision of the geo-blocking regulation shall include copyright restricted content in order to address geo-blocking and other forms of discrimination based on customers’ nationality, place of residence, or place of establishment.

The Pirates want users to have control over the technology they use in their daily lives. Users need a right to modify and repair devices on their own.

We continue to support the end of roaming and the establishment of a true Single Market for digital and telecommunication services. Surcharges for intra-EU calls should be permanently abolished.

Copyright exceptions must constitute users’ rights and legal protections for digital locks on cultural goods such as digital restrictions management (DRM) must be banned.

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Two additions:

Planned obsolescence

The Pirates want effective measures against planned obsolescence. Manufacturers should guarantee a minimum support time for their products and clearly inform the customers about this. The support time should include security updates and availability of spare parts.

Ownership of products

Devices should not have mechanisms that prevent the owner from upgrading, repairing or modifying it. Of course modifications by the user may void the warranty but the users should not be prevented form taking complete control of their own devices.