16th Council Meeting - Approval of the Agenda - Vote


  1. Meeting administration

    a) Opening of the meeting and registration of delegates : 11:00am CEST.

    b) Welcoming remarks from the European Pirate Party chair

    c) Election of meeting chairs and minute takers

    d) Approval of the agenda

  2. Updates

    a) Notice of voting power update

  3. Decisions and discussions

    a) Membership applications

    a1) Swiss Pirates (PP-CH)

    b) Debrief of the 2024 European Parliament Elections.

    b1) Country by Country presentation of results

    b2) Pirate delegation in the European Parliament

    c) Opening for applications to host a physical meeting for the Next Council meeting

  4. Election of board Positions : Chair and both Vice-Chairs of the European Pirate Party

    a) Nominations assessment

    b) Votes

  5. Closing of the meeting

    a) AOB

    b) Final greetings

Motion : The Council approves the above agenda for its 16th Council Meeting

Please delegates holder of votes cast your votes by posting a message below, stating your party and the number of the votes cast.

Example :

Felix, holder of 3 votes for Party X and 2 votes for Party Y

→ 3X + 2Y (3 votes from Party X and 2 votes from Party Y)
→ 2X + 1Y (2 votes from Party X and 1votes from Party Y)

Aljaž - PPSI 1 vote - yes

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Mike, 3 votes for PPCZ - YES

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Króla - holder of 3 votes for Píratar in Iceland - Yes

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Mathis- PPLU 3 votes- yes

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François - PPFR - 1 vote - YES

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Jakob, PPSE 1 vote - yes + YPE 2 votes - yes

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PPDE 2 Votes: yes

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Pirati (1): yes

PPFI (1): yes

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hello, PP - CAT , 1vote yes

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Agenda approved unanimously