When do we get started?

We are running out of time…

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You can get started at any time. The Discourse is here. The categories for the separate chapters are created. And we are inviting people to join as we speak. If you would like to be helpful it would be great if you could create a post in each category, containing the text from that chapter from the 2019 CEEP. So that people have a starting point for their discussions.

All the best,


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Hi Mab,
thank you.

I am waiting for the categories “Energy” and “Space” and would be happy to trigger the discussions in both.


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Energy is here: Environment, Climate and Energy - European Pirate Party

Space is here: Space programme - European Pirate Party

OK, I was looking at the wrong place…

And I did run into the limit for posts per day…

I can’t find that we have limits for posts per day. Will try to find it and change it. Might be based on user level.

Yes, the system told me that I am too short on the system to allow more posts per day.

Ok. I didn’t find where I could change that limit, so I changed your trust level instead. I think you should be able to post more now.

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