What should we change in the text?

At the last meeting of the German working group for Space (yes, there is such a group:) we did take a first look at our existing program to check if and what should be changed.

Here are the notes we took during the session:

Text is basically still fine, we should add some things though, like shorter term goals like implementing a European reusable launch platform. Also references to the recent developments mainly in USA and China should be added.

Expand on stimulating the private sector and going beyond research into industrializing space.

Space junk needs to be addressed, nobody should launch anything without a plan how to get it down again and not leave debris in orbit

Make space more popular by telling the story (i.e. develop a comms strategy for space)

Long term goal: Environmentally destructive activities offplanet

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Here is a pad with some modifications to the text I would like to suggest: