VOTE Response regarding the CEEP ratification process

This is a vote taking place on the 14th Council meeting of the European Pirate Party
Point on the agenda: 2a

Please vote by posting a message below containing your vote (yes/no/abstain) and indicating which Member you represent, and how many votes you carry.

Proposal: From the board
“the Council notes the reservations to some parts of the CEEP from PPCZ, and stresses that any Member party is free to add interpretative comments to the CEEP, to better explain it, in their national context.”

MEPs (2 votes) yes
PPCZ (6 votes) yes

Pirati - Yes - 1 vote

PPLU votes yes ( 2 votes)

yes PPNL 1 vote

PPSE (1 vote) YES

PPFR votes yes (1 vote).

PPGR - Yes (1 vote)

PPDE votes yes (2 Votes)

PPSI (1 vote) yes

PPSK 1 Vote yes, given verbally by Rudolf (in the Jitsi channel of the meeting)

YES - YPE (2 votes)

Votes closed

21 votes in favour
0 abstentions
0 against