VOTE Ratification process

Proposal from the Board

Council decides that the Board shall submit the final versions of the CEEP and the CPS, after being subject to grammatical and stylistic review by a professional linguistic expert, for ratification by the competent bodies in the member parties. Deadline for ratification shall be 15th of January 2024.

PPLU votes in favour (2 votes)

PPSI, 1 vote, votes yes

PPFR, 1 vote, in favour

Pirati votes YES - 1 vote

MEP delegate (1 vote): votes yes

PPDE votes yes (2 votes)

PPNL votes yes (1 vote)

PPSE and PPFI in favour

PPCZ proudly votes YES (6 votes)

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MEP delegate, 1 voice, votes Yes votes yes (one vote)

YPE 2 votes yes

The votes on the Ratification process have been cast as follows:

Yes: 21
No: /
Abstain: /

Proposal was approved by the council.