VOTE Final vote on Proposal for the chapter Human Rights in the Digital Age

Human Rights in the Digital Age - PPCZ1 - Adopted

  1. Extending the second paragraph of the Personal Integrity section like this - the bold sentence:

Developments in AI in recent years have resulted in increased reliance on the technology. Whereas AI serves as a useful tool for humanity, it should not work to undermine the freedoms and privileges of individuals. AI development should respect the highest ethical standards and preclude discriminatory biases or profiling. This area should be closely regulated to ensure the benefit for individual EU citizen. Artificial intelligence should not curtail the capacity to make individual choices.

(Anja) MEP delegate votes YES, one vote


Vote yes (1 vote)

PPSK: votes yes, 1 vote

MEP delegate (1 vote): votes No

Pirati votes NO - 1 vote

PPCZ: votes yes (6 votes)

PPSI, 1 vote, votes yes

PPLU votes yes (2 votes)

Exile for vote abstain

PPFR vote no for the amendment (1 vote)

YPE vote yes (2 votes)

PPDE votes for yes (2 votes)

Sweden and finland in favour

The votes on the Proposal for the chapter Human Rights in the Digital Age have been cast as follows:

Yes: 15
No: 3
Abstain: 1

Proposal was approved by the council.