VOTE Final vote on Proposal for the chapter Civil Society

Civil Society- PPCZ3 - Adopted

Pirates advocate for general and comprehensive whistleblower legislation to protect any person who exposes issues that are in the public interest, including abuse of law, unlawful activities as well as wrongdoings. We strongly believe whistleblowers must be able to equally report internally, to a competent authority or to the media in order to guarantee the freedom of expression as well as the citizens’ right to information. A right to anonymous whistleblowing should be established.

PPCZ: yes for the proposal (6 votes).

PPLU yes (2 votes)

PPSK: votes yes, 1 vote

PPSI, 1 vote, votes yes

Pirati votes yes - 1 vote

PPFR, 1 vote, votes yes

MEP delegate (Anja) YES, 1 vote

MEP delegate (1 vote): votes No


Votes yes (1 vote)

YPE vote yes (2 votes)

Exile for votes yes

PPDE votes yes with 2 votes

The votes on the additional Proposal for the chapter Civil Society have been cast as follows:

Yes: 20
No: 1
Abstain: /

Proposal was approved by the council.