Vote: Election of Pirate lead candidates For the Upcoming elections

This is a vote taking place on the 15th Council meeting of the European Pirate Party
Point on the agenda: 3b1

Please vote by posting a message below containing the name of the candidate or candidates you vote for, or if you abstain, and indicating which Member you represent, and how many votes you carry.

The meeting is set to elect 2 lead candidtes for the upcoming European elections. We have two nominations that have presented themselves at the meeting:

Marcel Kolaja
Anja Hirschel

PPCZ (5 votes): yes to both candidates

PP-DE - 2 votes - votes yes for both candidates

MEPs Delegation - 2 votes - YES to both candidates.

PPlu votes yes- 2 votes for both candidates

Pirati - 1 vote - YES for both Anja and Marcel

PPSE - 1 Vote
We vote YES FOR Marcel Kolaja and Anja Hirschel

Yes PPNL 1 vote

PP-CAT votes yes for both - 1 Vote

PPSK Yes 1 vote for both

YPE yes to both candidates - 2 votes
PPFR yes to both candidates - 1 vote

PPFI yes to both candidates - 1 vote

PPLU vote FOR Marcel Kolaja and Anja Hirschel

yes to both PPNL 1 vote