Vote: Board elections; Treassurer

This is a vote taking place on the 15th Council meeting of the European Pirate Party
Point on the agenda: 5c)

We have one candidate for one position: Alessandro Ciofini

Please vote by posting a message below containing your vote (Alessandro Ciofini /abstain) and indicating which Member you represent, and how many votes you carry.

PPFR - 1 vote - YES for Alessandro Ciofini

MEPs delegation - 2 votes to Alessandro

PPDE - 2 Votes - Yes for Alessandro Ciofini

PPLU votes for Alessandro (2 votes)

Pirati - 1 vote - Alessandro

PPSE - 1 vote - YES to Allessandro Ciofini

Yes PPNL 1 vote

YPE - yes for Alessandro Ciofini - 2 votes

PPFI - yes for Alessandro Ciofini - 1 vote

PPCZ (5 votes): Alessandro

PPSK- Alessandro Ciofini- 1vote

PP-CAT votes Alessandro Ciofini - 1 Vote