Vote: 2024 Budget

This is a vote taking place on the 14th Council meeting of the European Pirate Party
Point on the agenda: 3b)

discussion thread: Board proposal for the 2024 budget

Please vote by posting a message below containing your vote (yes/no/abstain) and indicating which Member you represent, and how many votes you carry.

Proposal: From the Board

The Council adopts the following budget for the European Pirates for 2024:

PPLU votes yes ( 2 votes)

PPFR 1 vote yes

yes, I agree - Pirates Slovakia 1 vote

PPGR - Yes (1 vote)

Pirati - yes - 1 vote

MEPs (2 votes) no
PPCZ (6 votes) yes
PPSI (1 vote) yes

PPDE abstains (2 Votes)

PPSE (1 vote) YES.
PPFI (1 vote) YES.

YPE - 2 votes - yes

yes PPNL 1 vote

Votes closed

18 votes in favour
2 abstentions
2 against