Vision for Accessible Culture and Knowledge

The current copyright laws in the EU are outdated and fail to balance the interests of both creators and the public. As the European Pirate Party, we recognize the importance of protecting the rights of creators while also promoting the free flow of knowledge and culture for everyone.

We believe in creating a fair system that enables creators to receive compensation for their work, while also ensuring that the public has access to valuable resources. This includes shortening the duration of copyright claims allowing works to return to the public domain and fueling future creativity and innovation.

Our vision for a more equitable and forward-thinking system also includes the promotion of open-source software, the protection of internet freedom and the prioritization of accessibility to education and information for all. We will push for a balanced copyright system that benefits both creators and society as a whole.

The European Pirate Party is committed to advocating for a copyright reform that is modern, inclusive and just. We will continue to push for a copyright system that reflects the changing landscape of the digital age and promotes a more equitable society.

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