Transportation for all

The European Pirates believe that transportation should be a fundamental right accessible to all, while minimizing negative impacts on the environment. Our goal is to implement environmentally-friendly transportation solutions that enhance people’s quality of life, and make our cities more livable spaces.

Green Cities with efficient public transportation

Our policies aim to increase public transportation usage, decrease the number of cars on the road, and prioritize pedestrians and bicycles in green cities. To achieve this, we propose to fund public transportation entirely through taxes, so that everyone has access to it without financial constraints. We will also reduce pollution and noise levels in cities by building efficient public transportation systems, bicycle highways, and bus lanes that have priority.

Encouraging Green Cities with open data

To encourage cities to achieve the status of European Green Cities, we will measure pollution and noise levels in cities, and use this information to reward cities that demonstrate a commitment to environmental sustainability. We believe in an open data system for transportation that is accessible to all, with open data tools developed for companies and regional governments to easily link into. We will ensure the security and privacy of personal data while making transportation data accessible to all.

Open Standards for Interoperability

We will use open standards to ensure the interoperability of transportation systems across all EU countries. This will make transportation in Europe function similar to within individual member states. Our aim is to promote the development of a transportation system that is efficient, accessible, and environmentally-friendly.