Three questions for all countries

As a preparation for the final preamble work, and also for common knowledge for us all in general, I would like to hear from the different parties:

How did you start, what triggered you to create a party in the beginning?

Do you have a common view on the EU? What is good, what could be better. Changes you want to see?

Out of interest:
What is your “status” among “ordinary people” in your country? Do people know about you? Are the big media interested, how do they see you, (if so)

The German Pirate Party was founded shortly after the Swedish. Initial objectives were to promote a free internet and modern copyright and to counter political attempts to implement surveillance. Basically the same idea as in Sweden.

We see a peacefully united Europe as absolutely essential. Though we do see a lot of necessary improvements to make the EU more democratic, transparent, and better for all citizens. We see European politics not as foreign affairs.

Our status is not good at the moment. Some remember us from the time when we were more successful, many are surprised (or at least say so) that we still exist. Media coverage is mostly not existent. If we get mentioned it is sometimes due to Patrick (MEP) or some locally active Pirate.

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The Catalonian Pirate Party was founded in 2010. For us, it was the defence of citizen participation and transparency, that we saw as key to the international pirate movement’s success.

European Union

We believe the European Union needs to exist but, at the same time, it needs an overhaul and be rebuilt as a truly democratic structure.


We are active but we are not too many. We get some media coverage in Catalonia sometimes, but since the pandemic we are quite missing.

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I have a general question re the preamble which is very important for highlighting the key issues in the CEEP 2024. Is there a proposed way forward in designing the preamble?
I think it’s good to explore the evolution of Pirate Parties across the EU and have a para on the basic common ideals but shouldn’t we first discuss the key features we want to have in the preamble? What about looking at the text of 2019 and identifying what is still valid, what needs an update and what is outdated? Are there new overarching topics the European Pirates would like to advance in the new EP?

I have tried to reach out to all participants with some analyses and proposals, have gotten a few comments that I tried to include in a preliminary text. Now I notice there is a decision from the board that we (the moderators) should propose a full text and then arrange an online meeting for discussions on it, apart from the possibilities to discuss in writing here. So that will come. I will present the proposed key features that I put forward together with the text (you have seen earlier versions here I suppose) You can see my analyses of the present preamble here (copied from present preamble topic):

Reading through the present preamble I find a few dominating perspectives there about the EU.

It seems mainly to be about the imperfect democracy , and also the need for protecting of diversity. The need for informed citizens with influence on the decisions in an EU-wide debate is stressed.

Concrete subjects I see are the freedom of the Internet ( for political development, overcoming top-down, one-way communication ) and protection of Human Rights, specially against discrimination.

Is this a relevant an adequate summary you think? Do you feel something else is missing for the preamble level? I will try to weave the above and what you add into the text I am working on.