The Right to Internet Access

The respect for fundamental freedoms and liberties should naturally flow to the digital world. Internet access allows us to participate in an increasingly digitally-driven society. Whereas access to the internet has rapidly become a standard within the European Union, there are still many that have not been able to fully enjoy its potential.

We believe that the right to internet access should be effectively guaranteed across the Union, both in terms of coverage and quality. Everyone should be able to enjoy access to the internet under favorable conditions. In keeping with current standards, the quality of internet access should be sufficient to allow persons to be able to sufficiently partake in digital affairs.

Access should be provided without unreasonable difficulties, burdens or costs.


While 93% of EU households have internet access, only 70% have access to high-speed internet access. In Czechia, the number is less than 50% and in sparsely populated areas, less than 10%.

Source: Eurostat