Stronger Economic Integration

We, the European Pirates, are committed to promoting stronger economic integration in the EU. Our policy aims to create a sustainable, inclusive, and fair EU economy that benefits all citizens.

Expansion of the EU Single Market

We advocate for expanding the EU Single Market to include more sectors, such as the service sector, creating more opportunities for businesses to trade across borders and ultimately benefiting consumers.

Harmonization of Tax and Regulatory Policies

We support the harmonization of tax and regulatory policies in the EU, creating a level playing field for businesses and reducing administrative burden for companies operating across multiple countries.

Investment in Infrastructure

We call for increased investment in infrastructure, such as transport links, energy networks, and digital connectivity. This will create a more connected and integrated EU economy, making it easier for businesses to trade and for citizens to move around the EU.

Promotion of Entrepreneurship and Innovation

We prioritize policies that support entrepreneurship and innovation, such as funding for start-ups and research and development. This will encourage the creation of new businesses and industries within the EU, driving economic growth and job creation.

Strengthening of Economic Governance

We advocate for the strengthening of economic governance in the EU, such as the creation of a common fiscal policy and a stronger role for the European Parliament in economic decision-making. This will ensure economic policies are consistent across member states and aligned with the EU’s overall economic objectives.

Respectfully disagree. prefer actually a decentralisation, more influence for citizens in their countries to have influence on the economic and other matters. I think a so called institutional competition would be fruitful, where the peoples can push their politicians to go ahead with policies that the can be followed by others. (Such as when California demanded catalytic cleaners on cars, and influenced the whole of USA, and even the world.)