Strengthening the Common Defense Policy of the EU

The European Union must be able to respond effectively to any threat to its security. To achieve this, we must strengthen our common defense policy to ensure that an attack on one EU member state is considered an attack on all EU member states.

Establishing a Rapid Response Mechanism for Security Threats
We propose that the EU establish a common defense mechanism that would enable the rapid deployment of military assets to any EU member state that is under attack or facing a serious security threat. This mechanism would be governed by the EU Parliament and would be designed to act as a deterrent against potential aggressors.

Creation of a Joint EU Military Force
To support this mechanism, we propose the creation of a joint EU military force that would be under the direct control of the EU Parliament. This force would consist of contributions from all member states, and its primary function would be to support the collective defense of the EU. We also propose that this force be equipped with the latest technologies to ensure its effectiveness in dealing with any threat.

Permanent EU Military Headquarters
In addition, we believe that it is essential to establish a permanent EU military headquarters that would be responsible for planning and directing EU military operations. This headquarters would be tasked with ensuring the effective coordination of military efforts among member states and would serve as a central point of contact for EU military operations.