Security and Defense Research Agency

In an ever-changing world, maintaining strong defense and security capabilities is crucial for the safety and well-being of our citizens. We believe that establishing a Security and Defense Research Agency (SDRA) in the EU is necessary to promote European technological leadership, enhance our defense capabilities, and ensure security.

The SDRA would be an independent body governed by a board of directors appointed by member states and funded through the EU budget. Its mission would be to accelerate innovation in emerging technologies relevant to defense and security, such as artificial intelligence, cyber defense, quantum computing, biotechnology, and advanced materials.

The SDRA would also enhance European defense capabilities and interoperability among EU member states. By strengthening partnerships with industry, academia, and other research organizations within the EU, the SDRA would leverage their expertise and resources to achieve its goals.

As advocates of ethical research, we believe it is essential that research funded by the agency is conducted ethically, responsibly, and in compliance with legal and societal norms. The SDRA would drive progress towards a safer and more secure Europe, while promoting ethical research practices.

We strongly believe that establishing the SDRA is crucial to ensuring European technological leadership and improving Europe’s defense capabilities in the face of complex and evolving security challenges.