Promoting Civil Society Participation

Promoting Civil Society Participation

We believe that civil society participation is crucial for a healthy and vibrant democracy. Therefore, we are committed to promoting and supporting the work of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) across the EU. To achieve this, we propose increasing public awareness of the importance of civil society participation and encouraging greater participation through education and outreach programs.

Clear Regulation of NGOs

We propose advocating for clear and fair regulations for NGOs operating in the EU, focusing on transparency and accountability. We also suggest making it easier for NGOs to establish and finance themselves within the EU.

Tax Incentives for Donations

To encourage more organizations to engage in social and environmental causes, we believe that donations towards NGOs working for the common good should receive a special tax status throughout all EU member states.

Effective Interaction with European Institutions

NGOs need access to information about upcoming legislation to effectively interact with European institutions. We propose that NGOs registered in the EU get access to the actual text and prepared information to put the legislation into context. This will ensure that all stakeholders have a place at the table and access to the latest developments.

Promotion of Good Work by NGOs

We will work to promote and showcase the important work that NGOs are already doing across the EU. By highlighting their successes, we aim to encourage more people to get involved and support their efforts. We recognize the critical role that NGOs play in areas such as environmental protection, social justice, and human rights. Therefore, we are committed to supporting their efforts and working together to build a more just and sustainable society.