Project management tool

Hello everyone,

I would like to start here the discussion about tools for project management.

  • having a project roadmap (GANTT style)
  • having a project backlog
  • having a sprint backlog
  • having a team management (people involved into a specific epic/story/task)

Any proposal? Thanks everyone.

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@Betan I know you like Trello (that is not bad), but maybe someone else would like to explore some open source tool?
I think that even if I like the “make” approach (because we are all a bit nerdy inside), in this case it should be better to “buy” (@Emerodh we can add this to our 2023 budget as well, it should be peanuts).
@pecka @Mab?

Idk anything about good tools for this, I guess something casual enough ?

In PP-CZ we use our own instance of redmine, once you get the gist of it it can be a really useful tool with GANTT diagrams, workflow monitoring, hours spent, different project queues etc. There is also a Gitlab instance for European Pirate MEPs (@pecka will know more about it). Though as I am well aware, both are mostly used for IT-related jobs, which is where I got to know them.
Mind you, a GANTT-style diagram can also be created in a spreadsheet, so as long as we all have access to the PP-EU Nextcloud, it could be the easiest solution.
I am using Trello as my electronic memo board for all my jobs and projects, mainly for timekeeping and planning purposes.
I think we shouldn’t be introducing too many new tools, but once we do, we need to make sure they will be implemented properly and taken over by subsequent Boards.

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What about notion ( ? Just throwing it out there. Noticed a few groups using it here and there

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notion offers GANTT, it can host wikis, minutes, tasklists like trello, it can connect to Gitlab from what I see, might be worth looking into it

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Looks like alternatives to Notion include Obsidian and Logseq, though it looks like that notion has the best design and functions while the alternatives oftenly lack specific features that might come handy, or can’t do them as reliably and easily.

I do like Notion very much

Monday seems to have what we need and not to IT bound.

I think Notion is not the best tool for us because there is a bit of a learning curve and takes alot of time to set up. I spent countless hours setting it up when I got an invite a couple of years ago but it became too much work so My time went into adjusting and setting up rather than doing actual work.
Here is a notion vs. monday vs. asana vid:
Here is one on notion vs. trello

I want to make a poll for us to choose what we like best and or happy to use. Please let me know if you want other toolsin the poll. Now its notion, monday, trello and asana.

I used ProjectLibre several years ago (both when it was still called Openproj and after the name was changed). I thought it was ok for project management, at least at FLOSS tools go. Has anyone else tried it?

I feel like it is overkill for what we are aiming for, but worth keeping in mind if we ever get big

Looks like there is a Trello and Asana integration into Notion, as well as Github / Gitlab

EDIT : we can use trello for free up to 10 users, so that’s more than enough it seems

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It seems to me that the one tool that has no objections is Trello.
It fits our needs and more people will be using it, therefore information will not be stuck in its ivory tower. My understanding is that this is not a decision that needs a formal vote so:

If you, a 2023 board member, do object for the board to use Trello to know what our projects are and how they are getting along please say so here and the reason why.

If no one opposes I will work with Mab to set it up with stakeholders of each ongoing project.

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I do object, because I can’t see a proper presentation of our needs somewhere

What Trello plan do you think we’ll use ? eg. are we clear that we only want a basic task board ?

Can we just say that we will try basic free Trello or Monday with free Kanban view and if we realise later it’s not for for purpose we would move to paid version?
This discussion is not going anywhere, please let’s just decide on a free tool for now.

Edit: I have been tracking my task - CEEP - in my own free Trello and it is perfectly OK, with a simple gannt diagram in a spreadsheet.
Really the projects of the PPEU Board won’t be that complicated, so I don’t think we need a larger tool than that.

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Well then ok, just to be sure

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So we all agreed on Trello @here?

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I believe so. Maybe talk about who sets it up in the meeting.

A few hours ago I took the initiative to create it, it is very barren at the moment but a template is setup. I asked mab to add everyone since he holds our mail adresses. The board meeting will be the place to make sure everyone has the info and can be added.


Fine with me then also.