Preparations for the 15th Council meeting - January 27 in Luxembourg

This is a thread where the board can discuss and prepare the 15th Council meeting of the European Pirate Party, scheduled to take place in Hesperange, Luxemborg, 2024-01-27.

This first post will be updated to only contain confirmed information about the meeting. The rest of the thread is for discussions, so please don’t consider anything written in other posts of this thread as in any way confirmed or decided.

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Timeline between now and the meeting:

11 December - Board meeting

  • will decide on the agenda of the meeting

16 December - 14th Council meeting

26 December

  • Deadline to nominate candidates for the Board and for the Code of Conduct Council.
  • Deadline to send out the formal invitation to the Members

11 January - Board meeting

  • Last board meeting before the Council meeting
  • Will decide on the 2023 Accounts

13 January

  • Deadline to send out the Annual Accounts to the Members

20 January

27 January - 15th Council meeting, in Luxembourg

  • Will elect Board and Code of Conduct Council
  • Will elect Lead Candidates (if the lead candidare proposal is approved)

28 January - CEEP presentation, in Luxembourg

29 January - Visit to the European Parliament in Brussels (tbc)


Proposal for an agenda for the 15th Council meeting:

  1. Meeting administration
    a) Opening of the meeting and registration of delegates
    b) Welcoming remarks from the European Pirate Party chair
    c) Election of meeting chairs and minute takers
    d) Approval of the agenda

  2. Membership issues
    a) Approval of New Members
    b) Information about lapsed Memberships
    c) Decision on Membership status of IT-partiet in Norway (change of names of Member party)

  3. Decisions and discussions
    a) Update on the ratification of the Common European Election Program (CEEP) and the Common Pirate Strategy (CPS) for the 2024 European Elections. See overview here .
    b) 2024 European Parliament Elections.
    b1) Election of Pirate lead candidates For the Upcoming elections. Only if this proposal was adopted at the 14th Council meeting

  4. Finances and discharge
    a) 2023 Annual Accounts.
    b) Code of Conduct Council report
    c) Discharge of the 2023 Board

  5. Elections of the European Pirate Party Board
    a) Chair
    b) Vice Chairs
    c) Treasurer
    d) Ordinary Board Members

  6. Elections of the Code of Conduct Council

  7. Closing of the meeting
    a) AOB
    b) Final greetings

Is there a reason for the board and CCC nomination deadline to be this early before the meeting itself? I would love to organise primaries within our party but the timeline is way too constraining…

The statutes, article 17.3, dictates the deadlines for nominations to the board. And based on article 20a,1 the Council has interpreted the same deadline to apply for the CCoC.

The date for this Council meeting was announced in July this year, so there should have been plenty of time to conduct primaries in the member parties. But I would be very grateful for suggestions on how the organisation cam be better att reminding the member parties about the dates set for Council meetings throughout the year.

Now, the statutes don’t give an explicit reason for the deadline, but based on my recollection of the discussions leading up to the adoption of these statutes my understanding is that the deadline is meant to give the Member parties to assess the candidates and discuss internally in their party who they should vote for.

To ensure that the election is not based on the individual preference of the delegate, but an informed decision firmly based on the will of the party that the delegate represents.

If you have suggistions for how improve the statutes, it is always possible for member parties to suggest statute changes.