Policy towards China and the CCP

The Pirate Party strongly condemns China’s numerous human rights abuses, including the repression of minority groups such as the Uighurs, Tibetans, and Falun Gong practitioners. The Chinese government’s use of mass surveillance, detention camps, and forced labor is a gross violation of human rights and cannot be tolerated.

China has been engaging in state-sponsored cyber espionage and theft of Western patents and trade secrets for years. This activity not only undermines fair competition in global markets but also poses a serious threat to national security by compromising sensitive information and technology.

Debt trap diplomacy
China’s debt trap diplomacy is a tactic that creates an unequal balance of power between China and other countries, often resulting in economic exploitation and political influence. This has been seen in African and Asian countries, where China has provided large amounts of loans to governments and corporations, often with questionable terms and conditions.

We also reject China’s claims to the territory of other countries, including its aggressive actions towards Taiwan, which is a democratic and independent nation. We support the people of Taiwan in their struggle for self-determination and sovereignty, and we stand with them in the face of China’s intimidation and harassment.

Territorial Claims
China has made territorial claims over several areas, including the South China Sea and Taiwan, which have been met with opposition and tension from neighboring countries. This has resulted in harassment of other nations and increased military presence in the region. The Pirateparty therefore call on the EU the engage with nations threatend by China. We propose stronger economic engagement with Nations in the Region but also military cooperation including EU vessels takeing part in freedom of navigation operations.

Treatment of minorities

The Pirate Party also strongly opposes the treatment of minorities within China, particularly the Uyghur population. Reports of human rights abuses, including forced labor and mass internment, have raised concerns from the international community.