Pirate Party Condemns Russian Invasion of Ukraine

We Pirates strongly condemn Russia’s cowardly attack on Ukraine. The events clearly show that Russia is the aggressor, and nobody can doubt that anymore. The Pirate Party acknowledges the serious threat that Russia poses to EU member states and other states in its vicinity. Many of us have grown up in a peaceful Europe with open borders that are accepted by everyone. The attempt to change borders in Europe by force of arms is therefore almost unimaginable for us.

Solidarity with Ukraine
Our full solidarity goes to the brave people in Ukraine who stand in the way of the aggressor Russia. Their courage proves that democracy, freedom, and self-determination are worth fighting for. We join the government and people of Ukraine in calling for the full restoration of the territorial integrity of Ukraine, including Crimea and all areas occupied by Russia.

Strengthen Defense
The Pirate Party views the Russian invasion of Ukraine as an attack on Europe and Western values. We believe that it is of the utmost importance to end this conflict and protect Ukraine’s sovereignty. We believe that Europe must do everything to end this conflict and prevent further aggression from Russia. Therefore, we support the delivery of large quantities of heavy weapons to Ukraine to strengthen its defense capabilities.

Tougher Sanctions
We advocate for the implementation of tougher sanctions on all parts of the Russian economy to exert pressure on the Russian government to respect the sovereignty of neighboring countries and the human rights of their citizens.

Support for Diplomatic Efforts
The Pirate Party is aware that a military solution alone is not sufficient to end the conflict. Therefore, we support all diplomatic efforts aimed at achieving a peaceful solution to the conflict and protecting Ukraine’s sovereignty.

Safe and Legal Migration
The Pirate Party recognizes the importance of promoting safe and legal migration to the European Union (EU) for people fleeing persecution in Russia. The Russian government’s ongoing human rights abuses and disregard for the rule of law have created a dangerous and unstable environment for many individuals, including human rights defenders, journalists, and other vulnerable populations. The EU has a responsibility to provide protection and support for these individuals, while also upholding its values of democracy, freedom, and human rights.

Human Rights Abuses Accountability
The Pirate Party strongly condemns the human rights abuses committed by Russia, which have caused immense suffering and destruction to innocent civilians. We call for swift and decisive action to be taken against those responsible for these heinous acts. Additionally, attacks on energy supply infrastructure pose a serious threat to the stability and security of Ukraine and its neighbors. These actions have disrupted the lives of millions of people and caused significant economic harm.

We believe that those responsible for these abuses must be held accountable for their actions. This includes not only individual officials, but also those who provide support and resources to carry out these atrocities. We urge the international community to take strong and coordinated action to hold the Russian government accountable for its actions and prevent further abuses from occurring. We call for harsh punishment for those involved in human rights abuses, including the targeting of civilians, abduction of children, attacks on energy supply, and deportation of civilians, especially children. The Pirate Party supports efforts to bring perpetrators of human rights abuses to justice, including through the International Criminal Court. We also call for increased support for human rights defenders, journalists, and civil society organizations who are working to expose and document these abuses.