Peaceful Use of Space

We believe that international cooperation is essential to achieving sustainable space exploration and utilization, and we support the creation of a space agency for the entire human race to facilitate this cooperation.

This agency should be a transparent and non-profit organization that includes all countries and interest groups equally, and focuses on the peaceful use of space, environmental protection, human safety, ethics, and transparency. By fostering collaboration between nations and international organizations, we can collectively promote space exploration and facilitate the exchange of knowledge and resources.

We believe that space should be used solely for peaceful purposes, and we oppose military activities in space. Additionally, we believe that the development of standards and best practices is crucial to protect the environment in space and to ensure the sustainable utilization of space resources.

As Pirates, we are committed to promoting equality and justice in all areas of society, including space utilization. We believe that all peoples and nations should have equal opportunities to benefit from space exploration and utilization, regardless of their geographic location, economic status, or technological capability. Finally, we believe that all activities in space should be based on ethical and transparent principles, and that all data and information about space activities should be made accessible to the public.