Overview and presentation of candidates for the Code of Conduct Council

Dear all,

To allow our Member parties to make better decisions on how to instruct their delegates to vote in the elections conducted at the Council meetings the Board has decided to allow for presentations of candidacies here on Discourse before the Council meeting. This thread willl show all nominations for the Code of Conduct Council, with links to the individual threads with their presentations. To see who got nominated by which Member, you can consult the nominations thread here.


Name nominated for Accepted Declined
Petr Kocourek CoCC accepted
Michal Gill CoCC accepted
Umber Douroux CoCC

For candidates: your presentation threads will be locked until you’ve posted a confirmation of accepting your nomination(s) in this thread. At that point I will unlock the presentation thread, allowing you to post your presentation as the first reply in your presentation thread. Please feel free to include as much or little as you see fit in your presentation, including links to social media accounts or other sources with more information about yourself.

Hello. I kinda nominated myself, but still: I do accept.

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Hello everyone, I happily accept. I would like to continue the work from this year and support everyone as much as possible during this crucial year. Thank you for the nomination!