Onboarding Material

I am creating an onboarding program and would like your input if you have any. This will be a multimedia learning program. I would like to have short videos, voice-overs and fabulous images.

Target Audience
The ones that will be going through this program are volunteers for the Pirate Party on a global scale.

They may be thinking about becoming Pirates, are new Pirates that want to know more.

People working with Pirates on a national level and want to take part in the Pirate Party of the
European Union (PPEU).

Pirates that are nominated for the PPEU Council.

Pirates that are going to be on the PPEU board.

The Why

By the end of this program you will:

Know key phrases and acronyms in Pirate politics.

Have overall comprehension of:

The Pirate Party ideals

EU Congress - roles and history

EU Pirate Party - roles, agenda and working environment.

Operate tools that the PPEU Board uses for projects, communication and voting.

Be able to determine what you want to do as a Pirate Party volunteer.

Program Breakdown

Hi, how can I help moving this project forward?

I have done a little project with ideas for the onboarding material.

It does touch three aspects of welcoming Pirates around the world. Not just starting working with the board.

Please tell me what you think of it.

PPEU onboarding program

Hi @Betan I’ve recently implemented a powerful learning platform for the Swedish Pirate Party. We’re planning to use it for onboarding, but are currently focusing on supporting efficient knowledge-sharing for our candidates and activists. The foundation is Moodle, a popular open-source software used by universities (eg. Helsinki University) multilateral organisations (eg. the UN) and many others. One of the main advantages of using it is that it’s possible to export any course and install it in another Moodle instance. Another advantage is the fact that it’s compatible with most social communication tools that PPEU uses, or may come to use (Discourse, Mattermost, Matrix, Jitsi, etc.). Finally, it’s possible to use a single-sign-on functionality to connect it to existing member databases.

Courses and learning pathways can be fully automated, if that is what we want.

In practice, this means we could develop and test an onboarding course in Sweden, then share the instance with a few (or all) pirate parties in the EU, so it can be localized. If each Pirate Party installs a local instance of Moodle, spreading these courses could happen really fast.

I’d love to collaborate with anyone willing to make a serious effort towards making this a reality. I’ve attached some screenshots of the Swedish course for candidates.

@Mab The installation won’t cost anything - and it’s a realtively straightforward process, but fully implementing something like this (and doing it well) will require:

  • Planning and development - we’ll need to plan and, at the very least, consider how the learning platform will be used, what content is needed and what a learning journey might look like (eg. what happens after the learner completes their onboarding course - should they get a badge or qualification, should they get access to other courses or responsibilities within the party?). @Betan has already done much of this. Perhaps we can complement that with the onboarding learning pathway developed for the Swedish Pirate Party.

  • Instructional design - the actual design and creation of the lesson content will be the most time-consuming step

  • Graphics - images, course maps, infographics, etc. will need to be created

  • Coordination - If we’re going to implement this in more than one country, it will require some coordination. I would suggest bringing in an intern or someone else who could dedicate 3-4 months exclusively to development, implementation, localization and documentation.