Onboarding Material

I am creating an onboarding program and would like your input if you have any. This will be a multimedia learning program. I would like to have short videos, voice-overs and fabulous images.

Target Audience
The ones that will be going through this program are volunteers for the Pirate Party on a global scale.

They may be thinking about becoming Pirates, are new Pirates that want to know more.

People working with Pirates on a national level and want to take part in the Pirate Party of the
European Union (PPEU).

Pirates that are nominated for the PPEU Council.

Pirates that are going to be on the PPEU board.

The Why

By the end of this program you will:

Know key phrases and acronyms in Pirate politics.

Have overall comprehension of:

The Pirate Party ideals

EU Congress - roles and history

EU Pirate Party - roles, agenda and working environment.

Operate tools that the PPEU Board uses for projects, communication and voting.

Be able to determine what you want to do as a Pirate Party volunteer.

Program Breakdown